Frequently Asked Questions

How much cycling experience do I really need? 

This is a tough but rewarding challenge. To take part you need to be injury free and have experience of already cycling over 100k. For the rest, we can get you there with our training program and preparation rides but you need to be ready to put in the time.


Can I participate if I have not had the vaccine?

Yes you can, provided you get a negative PCR test that has been taken 24 hours before the event and show the staff proof of the result.


What Covid-19 safety measures are taken?

Everyone will be required to either be fully vaccinated or present a negative PCR test on all of the training events and the main event.


What safety measures are taken?

Between the members of our lead cyclists and the support vehicles, we will have at least 3 First Aiders with us in case of any emergencies. The cyclists will cycle in a peloton format, with one support vehicle in front and one behind the last two cyclists. The route will be  mainly following quieter and more rural roads. We will also have multiple stops to monitor and maintain energy levels. Those involved with the route planning are experienced in delivering endurance events, you are in safe hands! 


Where will we be cycling?

The route will mainly be along secondary roads. The support cars will protect the group from the front and the rear. There will be some traffic, but it will be minimal. 

What food and drinks will be provided?

We will have two nutritious meals that are designed to be light and filling so as to optimize performance. There will be 10 litres of water per person. In terms of snacks and energy supplies, everyone is different and everyone uses different nutrition on the go, whether that is energy bars, gels, chews, or other snacks. So each cyclist will need to bring their own supply of snacks that they can have at each stop.


How many stops will there be?

Stops will be dependent on the group at the time. We will have a number of scheduled stops (roughly every 50 kilometres) but will factor in that we may be stopping more often for hydration refills towards the end (or for flat tyres!). We ride as a group the whole way. If one person needs to stop, the group stops. 


What should I wear?

You will be provided with a Desert Cycle jersey. You will also need to wear comfortable cycling shorts or trousers and for the longer events (more than 24 hours) you will need to bring a change of clothes, both shorts and jersey tops. 


What if I get a flat?

We will have a bike mechanic on hand but everyone is responsible for bringing their own puncture repair kit.


Where will I put my snacks and supplies?

You should bring a day pack with you with all of your supplies and this will be stored in the support car.


What should go in the day pack?

- Preferred snacks

- Electrolytes

- Puncture repair kits

- Small change (some of the stops will be near shops where you may wish to purchase additional snacks or drinks)


How do I get to the starting point?

Each cyclist is responsible for getting themselves to the starting point. There will be a place to park cars and we will be finishing the route at the same point. 

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